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MokuNeji Coffee Mill


In collaboration with Kalita Co. Ltd, MokuNeji introduces a unique Coffee Mill that combines the fine contrast of natural wood with black iron.

An item that makes coffee time even more enjoyable for the everyday life.

dimensions (mm):

Coffee Mill (w176 x h258mm)


Japanese cherry birch / Iron


In order to create this Coffee Mill that would be efficient, yet with a good visual proportion, there was a pursue in every detail and its usability. The wood part of the Coffee Mill, which is the Japanese cherry birch, are each carefully handcrafted by experienced woodworkers with the outmost technique. The forms that they give to this piece harmonizes easiness to carry, proportion and equilibrium.

MokuNeji is a combination of traditional wood crafting and high-quality, intricate screw-thread making techniques.

"Moku" means wood; "Neji" means screw.