Ana Montiel is a Spanish visual artist and designer that describes herself as a "general enthusiast. Her work has won several art prizes, has been featured in media like The New York Times, auctioned at Christie's and has been exhibited in many countries. It embodies different mediums and techniques, from painting to installation, through collage and sculpture.

Quantum physics, ancient cultures, the unseen, forces of nature or altered states are recurrent themes on her creations. Through Ana’s latest ongoing art project,“Visual Mantras,” she explores repetition as a meditation/trance and has developed a series of absorbing and richly coloured geometries that bring up the cyclical rhythm of existence.

After spending most of her life in Europe-Logroño, Barcelona and London respectively-she decided to embark on an spiritual and artistic quest moving to México. At the moment she divides her time between Tepoztlán-a UFO-friendly village in the mountains of México-and her expeditions to the rest of the world.